It's A Knockout at Mayhem London

New to Mayhem London, it’s a knock out, 7 crazy games perfect for hen and stag dos, just like the 80s TV show it will be cheesy!

Giants, FE! FI! FO! FALL!

Become a 10ft giant and race for your team across magic moving carpets! Try to get your giant across as fast as possible without falling, while doing your best to topple your opponent’s Giants!

Washing Machines (new for 2018)

Foam, giant washing machines, this will get messy, take a tumble though our monster washing machines while trying to save as much of the washing you can!

All Hands-on deck

Use strength, smart’s and speed to get all your team mates across the perilous waters in an inflatable tube, but one wrong move and they’ll be sleeping with the fishes!

Slippery Summit

Charge towards our inflatable mountain, using your skill and determination to push yourself over the peak towards victory!

Game of Throws

Fill up buckets of water passing wet sponges, to one another, whilst balance on a podium, then get them over the castle wall, you will get wet!

Banger racing.

Race giant sausages, get your team to work together and bounce to victory.

Giant Assault course

Claim victory by getting as many laps as possible though our assault course.